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June 2, 2015

Theft has been an inevitable part of designing Blot. I’ve tried to steal small things from lots of places so that no particular heist is conspicuous.

Pinboard - I stole much of the copy from their terms page and privacy policy. Macej’s design philosophy, if I could call it that, was also influential.

Kirby - Stole some of their marketing copy. Looking back, they’re likely the subliminal inspiration for Blot’s logo.

New York Times - A lot of their type treatment was ripped and used to design the default theme.

Jekyll - An ancestor to Blot — a beautiful piece of software.

Stripe - Stole from their excellent support & documentation section when writing Blot’s documentation.

Subtraction - The original Blot template was massively influenced by Khoi Vinh’s wonderful blog.

Places I wish I’d seen sooner

Second Crack The project which runs Marco Ament’s wonderful blog, shares a lot of the design principles of Blot.