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September 21, 2015

This was one of those features I’ve put off implementing for too long.1 The markdown parser I use doesn’t support them and the alternatives lacked other features I needed.2 Anyway, I’ve mashed together a solution and you can now do block footnotes using this syntax:

A line with a footnote.[^1] Another line with another footnote.[^2]

[^1]: And the note goes here.
[^2]: And the second goes here too.

It’s straightforward to customize the styling of the footnotes in your template’s stylesheet. Inline footnotes, which I prefer, will be enabled soon.3

  1. This will speed up the typesetting of my DFW fanfic.

  2. I’m using Marked by Christopher Jeffrey. The features I need which competitors lack include handing mixtures of Markdown and HTML elegantly.

  3. The syntax for inline footnotes goes something like this: Line of text.^[with an inline footnote] which seems much easier to manage!