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Date from file paths

April 19, 2016

Blot now tries to extract a publish date from a file’s path. A file named 2016-2-23 essay.txt will have a publish date of February 23rd, 2016. The order is important. Please use YEAR-MONTH-DAY.

Periods, underscores, slashes or dashes can separate the components of the date. This means you can use folders. These are all equivalent:


2016.2.23 essay.txt

You can use this feature to change the date of image posts. It will work nicely with scheduled posts. You can also specify the hour, minute and second. 2016-2-23 11.25 essay.txt will have a publish date of 11:25 am, February 23rd, 2016.

Please note this feature is optional. Blot will still prioritize a date specified in a post’s metadata and will still use the file’s creation date if all else fails.